Based out of Johns Creek High School, Gladiator Robotics provides a hands on learning environment for students and provides them the opportunity for learning from and competing against their peers in robotics based competitions throughout the school year. We compete in the BEST and GRITS competitions in the fall semester, and the more rigorous FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) in the spring semester.

Gladiator Robotics is comprised of three sections: business, hardware, and programming. The programming team experiments with innovative control systems and cutting edge technology to optimize robot performance. The hardware team uses powerful machinery and advanced engineering to create outstanding robots capable of extraordinary things. The business team makes it all possible, generating an influx of cash by gathering supportive sponsors and organizing fundraisers, while simultaneously preparing and guiding the team to win awards by organizing outreach events and creating wonderful presentations.

Gladiator Robotics works with students and professionals to provide an exciting opportunity to develop skills in business and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers. This team unlocks new potentials in students in areas such as mechanical and electrical engineering, programming, and business management. It provides students with a challenging and rewarding experience that will mold them into better leaders and team members.

The goal for Gladiator Robotics is to compete at the highest level of competition while promoting STEM in our community. We strive to ensure the ever member of Johns Creek High School, and even students of surrounding high schools, can have a chance at the STEM education they desire. Our commitment to providing STEM for all is reflected in our current roster of over 100 students who have signed up to participate this year.